Site Visit #2

In preparation for your upcoming site visit evaluation, please review criteria on the Site Visit #2 Evaluation. Please send me your Lesson Plans, 48 hours before the visit, and plan to have your class/students covered for 45 minutes following the observation so we can review together. I’ll review/collect your Clinical Practice Time log. Please note the Log Key when filling out. Respond to the Post-Observation Reflection on Teaching questions to me by requested date.

Please alert your students of my visit so they are prepared for a classroom visitor.

A sample Lesson Plan template is attached, or you may use one of the samples listed in the Student Teaching Manual appendix, or whatever format your Cooperating teacher uses as long as the same essential information is identified.

Also, please communicate with your Cooperating/Mentor Teacher and make sure they have a copy of the appropriate site visit evaluation form. Find attachments here.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in action! Please find additional GCU COE forms located here and here. Review observation What to Expect and Tips.

**Remember to check your calendar and plan for full time take-over of full day/all periods/teaching blocks.

*Single Placements: 5 weeks of 75-100% planning and teaching (with Cooperating teacher’s guidance).

*Dual Placements: 3 weeks of 75-100% planning and teaching in each placement (with Cooperating teacher’s guidance).

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