Evaluations: What to Expect

I know there is some stress and anxiety that accompanies a Site Visit Observation. To help you feel as comfortable as possible I urge you to review the site evaluation form prior to each visit, so you are familiar with the criteria that is being evaluated. Expectations are for your position as a Student Teacher, not a veteran teacher.

Site Visit #1: Review the Professional Dispositions and Evaluation Form #1 criteria, complete the Pre-Observation Self-Reflection form. *Send me your completed Self-Reflection 48 hrs. before visit.  

Site Visits #2, #3, #4: You will prepare a lesson plan and deliver it (see attachment for more details on what to expect). The academic content area is not as important as the preparation, planning, delivery, and reflection. Those are transferable skills that demonstrate teaching ability across content areas. *Send me your completed Self-Reflection, and Lesson Plans 48 hrs. before visit.

**Site Visit #4 will also include the Professional Dispositions evaluated in #1 and the Content Standards for your Education Program. Please communicate this to your Cooperating Teacher so they complete the appropriate Content Standards section. Additionally, please review and complete a Self-Assessment on the Site Visit #4 Evaluation form. *Send me your completed Eval #4 self-assessment, Self-Reflection, and Lesson Plans 48 hrs. before visit.

My objective at the observation is to look for good work to build on; my goal is to support you in honing your teaching craft and reflecting on future growth. During our post-observation review, I will be sharing with you the positive aspects of your lesson, and areas of improvement that I observe. The purpose of my feedback is to let you know your strengths and skills you are performing well, and what areas have room for growth. I encourage you to approach your observation with a positive mindset, and be open and receptive to hearing critical critique, in the context of professional growth and development.

Finally, I will be sending you a post-observation Reflection to complete and send back to me as part of the evaluation process.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns not addressed. Please remember that my role is to support you in becoming the best teacher you can be! Find attachments here.

“Every teacher needs to improve. Not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better.”  ~ Dylan Wiliam


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