Week 5: Reflections & Resources

  1. *Reflection: Are you teaching the whole child? Beyond academics, teachers have a responsibility to prepare students for becoming well-rounded, successful, contributing citizens of the future. To achieve this, it is vital to include Social-Emotional literacy in the classroom, consciously teaching children to develop empathy for others (essential for successful relationships). How can you build these skill sets into your classroom culture **Points to Ponder: A growing body of research links SEL to improved attitudes about school, pro-social behavior, and academic achievement, and reductions in aggression, mental health problems, and substance use.

“I am convinced that we must train not only the head, but the heart and hand as well.” ~ Mme. Chiang Kai-shek, Chinese reformer, educator, sociologist

  1. *Reflection: How are you utilizing the 3rd party? There are three parties in the classroom learning experience: the teacher, the student, and the environment. How is your environment supporting, or detracting from student learning? What can you change or modify to better use the space and tools you have available to create an optimal environment for learning, and minimize behavior issues?

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