Week 4: Reflections & Resources

  1. *Reflection: Management part 2. How’s your modeling? Modeling for protocols and procedures is a powerful teaching strategy. Effective teacher modeling can reduce negative behavior, reduce your amount of teacher talk, and increase effective teaching time (time not spent on procedures and behavior reminders!). Student drive the big picture, you drive the details of getting there. *Tip: Include a ‘Fun Factor’ element; and make it sticky*Tip: Best of.

 “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  ~ William A. Ward

  1. *Reflection: Are you teaching to your students’ brains? Are you helping your students grow their curiosity?  How?? Advances in science and technology have expanded understanding in how our brains develop and learn. These understandings should inform teachers when designing lessons and constructing learning activities.

“Computers can do all the left hemisphere processing better and faster than the human brain. So what’s left for the human brain is global thinking, creative thinking, intuitive-problem solving, seeing the whole picture. All of that cannot be done by the computer. And yet the school system goes on, churning out reading, writing, and arithmetic, spelling, grammar.” ~ Betty Edwards


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