Week 3: Reflections & Resources

  1. *Reflection: Management part 1. How do you ‘manage’ your classroom, and get your students to listen to you? Are you setting students up for success with positive choices, or failure with only negative consequences? Is there a Fun Factor in your management strategy? What about those individual challenges? Understanding the 5 basic needs of students is where you start. This is one of the most difficult areas of teaching, but will become easier with experience! *Tip: Environment is your first line of defense, proximity is your second. *Tip: Get creative with high schoolers. *Tip: Giving students the reason for the rule goes a long way in getting buy-in. *Tip:See it from their eyes.
  1. *Reflection: Do your students feel ownership of their own learning? When students are allowed to participate in creating classroom environment and culture, and given some choice in their learning, they develop ownership of it. This is often a key factor to eliminating behavior issues and creating a positive group culture in the classroom. What areas can you let your students share responsibility, make decisions, and self-direct their own learning? Which of the Four T’s (Time, Task, Technique, Team) can the students determine? How can you honor authenticity by giving students a clean slate?

*Points to ponder: 1. Re-imagine students as players in the learning game vs pawns in the learning system: players have choice and power and a stake in the outcome, pawns are passive and powerless tools in someone else’s game. 2. Re-consider your role: rather than controlling students as the behavior ‘manager’, how could you be a ‘facilitator’ of student autonomy and cooperative behavior in your classroom?


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